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Temaad / Rega Drop Counter Weight

For those wanting to upgrade the performance of their Rega RB pick-up arm, we can offer our version of a drop counter weight. It is a simple switch over which benefits the RB250/251, Regas best tone arm.

Temaad/Denon 103 Aluminum Bodied Cartridge

The Temaad/Denon 103D and 103R have been especially designed to retrieve the maximum from this iconic cartridge, lifting the performance to that of cartridges costing many times more.  Some reviewers say this combination can out perform a $1000 cartridge.

Although initially designed for the Temaad Arm range, the cartridge will work easily with any high quality arm, especially with the Rega range, where it will allow for the three point mounting method to be used. The sound is easily comparable to that achieved from the now famous Zu aluminum cartridges, but the Temaad version has the advantage of 1.5 grams lighter and is also three point mountable on Rega arms.

Temaad 12 Volt DC Turntable Motor and Pod

TemaadAudio are happy to offer a 12 Volt DC stand-alone turntable motor pod. This motor is designed to drive around the periphery of the platter and can drive platters up to 5kg in weight. The precision pulley can be manufactured to any diameter for an extra $15, but is set at a nominal diameter to drive 300mm platters.

The motor pod has been developed to run off a 12 volt SLA battery and a 4 Ah battery can give up to 10 hours of continueous use. The user has the option to use a 12 volt SMPS but the speed stability will depend on your power supply stability. It comes with two voltage stabilizers built into the motor and a low voltage indicator light that turns from green to red when the pre-set low voltage is reached.

Temaad/Rega 3 Point Carrier Plate/Enhancer

For those who have read that three point mounting a cartridge is the best solution, here is the answer. For any plastic bodied cartridge the reinforcer will add extra dynamics, base weight and slam. It can be used to improve the performance of the cartridge in any arm, but has been particularly developed to all three point mounting in the Rega arm range.

Temaad/Cinimag 1130 Step Up transformer

The Temaad Transformer has been developed in co-operation with the famous audio transformer company Cinimag in the USA. The transformer used is universally recognized as being a nearly perfect match for the Denon 103 range of pick-up cartridges.

Together the Temaad/Denon 103 and the transformer transcend some of their parts and the combination will easily be comparable with a cartridge costing $2000 plus.

Temaad Silver Interconnect Cable

All Interconnect Cables are available in .75; 1; 1.5 and 2 metre lengths.

Temmad Silver interconnect cable is a great priced cable for people who want to get above the normal hash that is out there. Made from multi-strand silver shielded wire it has excellent retrieval quality and a great bass line.

Temaad/Monster Power Cable

Again we have been fortunate to acquire several of these now obsolete Monster power cables. They come with an integral gold plated USA mains plug and high quality equipment plug. The length is 2.5m.

Temaad/Rega Bearing Spindle and Sub-Platter

Everyone knows that the Rega Pick-up Arms are great value and can be made better by simple upgrades. This is even more true of the turntables that have the plastic drive sub-platter. This is a major weak point of the turntable range and we offer a precision turned Aluminum drive system, with a super hard tool steel spindle that is a simple swap over with your current spindle.

This unit will upgrade the music timing and add more timbre information retrieval. It's like an upgrade to your cartridge but at a fraction of the cost.

Temaad/MIT 330 Interconnect Cable

Having bought 200 metres of this cable I am able to offer my version at an unbelievable price to my customers. The cables are terminated with high quality lockable RCA plugs to allow absolute information retrieval. These cables have been directly compared to my reference genuine pair of MIT cables and are considered to get to about 95% of the quality but at 25% of the price.

For those who do not know, the original MIT330 cables retailed for in excess of $500/mtr terminated.

Temaad Granite Equipment Stand

If you want to add a touch of class to your system as well as a very worthwhile upgrade in vibration isolation then invest in our range of Granite spiked isolation stands. Normal size is 460mm x 400mm standing at a height of 65mm. Other sizes and colours are available on special request. Optional colours are granite red, fawn green, granite black.

Temaad Equipment Points Stainless Steel

Offered to you is a set of high quality stainless steel spikes, keepers and vibration isolators. The spikes are threaded with a 6mm thread to allow permanent fitting to a plinth.

Temaad Equipment Points Brass

The brass equipment spikes are not spikes but actually have a rounded end that sit in their keepers like a ball and socket, giving a very firm location as a result. The points can be used straight onto wooden shelves if you wish without leaving a mark (very wife friendly).

Temaad Acrylic Platters

Now you can purchase a range of three precision turned acrylic platters to enable you to upgrade your turntable. Acrylic is a superior material for turntable platters and upgrading them will make a huge improvement. After replacement, the first notes you'll hear will have smoother, richer tonality, better bass performance, and even a lower noise floor.

The platters are available in the following thicknesses 22mm (1.3kg); 28mm (2.4kg) & 35mm (3.4kg). As well as a DIY platter we do the same range specially turned to drop in to a Rega Turntable. (Rega Arm Spacers are available for each of the Platter thicknesses).

Temaad Record Puck and Spirit Level

The record puck is designed to improve your vinyl listening experience by locking down the LP to the surface of the platter. This helps prevent LP chatter and vibration, meaning that your stylus can more easily retrieve the fine nuance details required for superior listening. Also included as shown is a spirit bubble level so you can ensure the record playing surface is always level.

Teemad Power Supply

This unit is designed to present your amplifiers with the cleanest power possible without paying silly money!! As well as allowing your amp to benefit from clean power there are two extra two pin outlets to allow the user to connect other external equipment. This means that your whole system can benefit, and the unit is rated at 35 amps so can easily handle all but the very monolith power amps.

Temaad Turntable and Pick-Up Arm Parts - Drawing.

We can offer the DIY enthusiast, a set of engineering drawings to allow them to build and assemble a quality turntable and uni-pivot pick-up arm. You can purchase the turntable and pick-up arm drawings separately or together. Purchasing the two sets of drawing will realize a 30% discount over the individual packages.

Temaad Turntable and Pick-Up Arm Parts - Parts

We are able to offer each part at a very desirable price, in actual fact you may not even be able to make them yourself as cheaply as we can sell. We can even offer a modification service to our designed parts should our design not completely suit your need. Please contact us with your enquiries.


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